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Equipos Médicos Vizcarra, with more than 50 years of experience, combines vanguardist technological research, specialized personnel and an excellent customers attention which have led it to excel in the whole world.



It all began in the 1950's, Dr. Fernando R. Vizcarra owned an
emergency pediatric clinic and blood bank in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

He saw the need of developing a new way to administer fluid
eplacement intravenously. A much better and simpler system
for performing intravenous therapy. Using the traditional
hypodermic needle method meant that the patient had to
remain immobile, uncomfortable and yet, run the risk of the
wall perforation of the vein.

Dr. Vizcarra decided that he would have two goals in developing
a new system that would have enormous advantages over the
needle method used at that time.

One-Assurance which means that the fluids would be delivered
to the patient as prescribed without the risk of loosing the
intravenous access site And Two-Comfort which means allowing
ample mobility of the patient.

Dr. Vizcarra developed a totally new system of intravenous
catheterization based on two principles, one where a flexible
tubing catheter passes through the introducer needle, and the
other with an over the needle catheter. In both cases, the
needle is then withdrawn and only the flexible catheter dwells
in the vein.

Dr. Vizcarra obtainted a Mexican and a United States patent for
this product. He founded Equipos Medicos Vizcarra and began to
travel throughout Mexico, teaching doctors and nurses in
hospitals how to use this method so that it would become the
normal procedure used for intravenous therapy.

What started as a family business has grown into a worldwide
supplier of the highest quality devices for intravenous therapy
exporting to markets in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Equipos Medicos Vizcarra is combining technological research,
skilled professional personnel, time proven experience and
excellent customer service to become the leader in intravascular
access therapy Worldwide!



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